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Promoting the intelligent manufacturing engineering to shape

At present, China's in-depth implementation of "made in China 2025" must accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, support the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and the development of intelligent manufacturing is the key. In November 8th, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" International Cooperation Forum intelligent manufacturing special forum, Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Xin Guobin pointed out that Chinese is in the rapid development of industry and information technology process, attaches great importance to the development of intelligent manufacturing, hope and the governments, enterprises and industry organizations, deepen mutual benefit in the field of intelligent manufacturing the establishment of international cooperation, common intelligent open type manufacturing community of interests.

Intelligent manufacturing to shape the new competitive advantage of manufacturing industry

Xin Guobin pointed out that at present, the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet is changing rapidly, pushing the new revolution of science and technology in the world, and intelligent manufacturing is becoming the trend of manufacturing development. In order to seize the commanding heights of future industrial competition, the world's major developed countries and emerging countries have formulated and launched a series of strategic initiatives to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. The United States enacted the "advanced manufacturing partnership", Germany, the implementation of the industrial 4 strategy, France to promote the "new industrial France" plan, will be an important direction of intelligent manufacturing industry as the development and change, hope through the development of intelligent manufacturing, mold manufacturing industry competition new advantages.

Chinese, academician of the Academy of Engineering vice president of East China University of Science and Technology Qian Feng believes that from developed countries, the manufacturing industry is more advanced, but also face the challenges of the new century, such as how to combine information technology and traditional advanced manufacturing technology, realize the entire manufacturing process intelligent etc.. "China made 2025" requires a change in the production, management and marketing model of China's industrial manufacturing, which is far more profound than the German industry 4.

Ren Xiaoxia, director of industrial 4 project of BOSCH (China) investment company, said that China intelligent manufacturing has some reference for German industry 4, but it also has particularity, because the situation is more complex, each enterprise has its own different characteristics. Because China's economy is very complex, there are some very advanced industries, such as automobile, aerospace and other industries, but there are also some very backward enterprises. At present, they are still in the workshop production, and the isolated equipment group has no connection with 2.

Dassault systems China Industrial Equipment Industry Senior Director Secretary Xianfeng believes that intelligent manufacturing is a main theme of the global manufacturing industry, the digital transformation of the first step to realize the intelligent manufacturing manufacturing enterprises. But there are many aspects of the digital transition, than to future product development, process oriented manufacturing today's digital, digital product development oriented to customer oriented, such as future enterprise operation and maintenance aspects, look inside can be achieved in the field of industrial software, but in different areas, different software systems, there are different the company to provide a variety of services, we hope to provide a platform for the integration, to achieve all of the various digital enterprise value chain transformation.

Deepening the implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering

Xin Guobin pointed out that in China's "manufacturing 2025" issued by China in May 2015, intelligent manufacturing was clearly regarded as the main direction and breakthrough. "13th Five-Year" plan explicitly proposed to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, the implementation of manufacturing engineering, foster the expansion of new manufacturing mode. The party's "Nineteen big" report further stressed that we must speed up the construction of manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, AI and real economy. In the past two years, the Ministry of industry and information technology has carried out a lot of work around promoting the development of Intelligent Manufacturing: first, to establish a sound propulsion system. The intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020 years), the implementation guidelines for Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, and the guidelines for the construction of national intelligent manufacturing standard system (2015 Edition) were released. The two is to break through the key key technologies and equipment. Through the support of intelligent manufacturing projects, more than 500 key technical equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment have been broken and applied. The three is to continuously tamp the basic support capacity. 188 national standards for intelligent manufacturing have been developed, and more than 500 industrial software has been developed in terms of design simulation, industrial control and data management. Four is to actively carry out pilot demonstration. A total of 206 pilot demonstration projects were selected, covering 30 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and 82 industries. A number of mature, replicable and popularized intelligent manufacturing models were explored. The five is to continue to deepen international cooperation. We have established bilateral dialogue mechanisms between China, Germany, China, South Korea and other countries, and actively promoted the work of standard system architecture, standard roadmap making and standard mutual recognition. Shenyang, Shanghai and Tianjin have carried out cooperation with German related institutions in industrial parks and training bases.

Xin Guobin emphasized that intelligent manufacturing is a new thing, and there is no ready experience and mode to learn from it. All countries are faced with a series of difficult problems and challenges such as standards, technology, network, information security and talents in the process of continuous exploration and practice. As a developing country, China's different regions, industries and enterprises have different basic conditions and development environment, and promote the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry. The environment is more complex and the task is more arduous. The next step, the Ministry of industry and information technology to thoroughly implement the party's "Nineteen" report in accordance with the spirit of "Chinese manufacturing 2025" overall deployment, overall planning, implementation, enterprises, government guidance, promoting the further implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, focus on the key technology of intelligent manufacturing equipment, solid foundation for the development of intelligent manufacturing, perfect the ecological system, promote the research and development, production, upgrade the management and service mode, improve manufacturing quality and efficiency of development.