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The first factory of Schaeffler's first ¡±future factory¡± w

Yesterday, the world's first "Schaeffler factory of the future" - Schaeffler Xiangtan manufacturing base in Jiuhua formal foundation. This is the Schaeffler global seventy-fifth factories, Fourth China manufacturing bases, Schaeffler is a global industrial layout of the new ring.


The advanced nature of "future factory" includes intelligence, large-scale customization, digitalization, high efficiency, lean production, self-learning ability, environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable profitability. After completion, the plant will mainly produce parts of automotive engine drive system with significant energy saving and emission reduction effect, which can improve driving comfort, reduce vibration of gearboxes and chassis components, and all kinds of precision bearings.

Schaeffler group is the world's leading supplier of comprehensive automotive and industrial products. It is one of the 4 main sponsors of German industry, and its business is in more than 50 countries. Schaeffler (Xiangtan) Co., Ltd. was registered in December 1, 2016. The project covers an area of more than 470 mu, and it is built in two phases. The first phase of the project is about 300 mu, and the first plant is planned to be completed in 2019. After the preparatory work of workshop design and planning, in June 2017, Schaeffler (Xiangtan) training center and mold center opened the lead to cultivate and create the master level craftsman of Xiangtan automotive industry. After receiving three years of German dual system vocational training and examination, Xiangtan training center student will get the AHK professional qualification certificate of German Chamber of Commerce and industry, and become the backbone of future factory.


As the world's first "Schaeffler factory of the future, Xiangtan manufacturing base in the design idea, function setting and other aspects, which reflects the positive response to the future development of schaeffler. The factory building design with butterfly butterfly layout, the "body" as the central part of the building and the corridor, intends to design for the company management departments; butterfly wings for the four workshop area, meaning the central management functions to support production, production area and management center maintain close communication through this layout, realize the core optimization of internal communication and exchange. The modular design is applied in the internal area of the plant to improve efficiency and resource saving. It is also practical and flexible. With the increase of business needs, modules can be added at any time to facilitate the expansion of new production lines and new products and achieve the best results.


"Facing the future, we hope to be active in building the future driving force. To this end, we focus on the future electric drive, industrial 4 and digital. Mr. Oliver Jung, chief operating officer of Schaeffler group, said that we define the future factory with the concept of "Factory for tomorrow" to adapt to the future development. The first "future factory", the investment in Xiangtan manufacturing base, was a milestone for Schaeffler.