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The Expo 2017, Shanghai, Munich, take you to the world under

The Shanghai Expo in Munich, Munich, will be opened at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai on March 2017. This year, with the increasing of the application demand, optics and optical manufacturing area also showed a rapid expansion trend, international exhibitors to seize the market, domestic enterprises have the latest, not resigned to playing second fiddle, they show the most complete optics and optical manufacturing materials, products, services and solutions. If your daily work needs to face a lot of optical equipment problems, the optical and optical manufacturing exhibition area of Munich Shanghai Expo will create endless opportunities for new discovery, interaction and expansion.

A complete optical industry chain to meet your overall purchasing demand

Our mission is to provide the best solution for your wonderful interpretation from the principle, optical materials, optical production technology and optical components, optical instruments and complete industrial chain, not only in each link to invite industry leading manufacturer, OLYMPUS, Cai Si, Leica, Nikon optical instrument big four, optical components like Schott Lee Teuk Mo and Shi Naide, sunny company each kind of lens and module and so on all kinds of industry leading manufacturers, also invited to the various agents, professional media, allowing users to understand the domestic and international products and technology, more and first-line technical staff communication and learning, always provide the most advanced technology of optical technology.


An accessible 100 thousand industry buyer

We have a group of customers and the most widely application, not only the laser, optical communication, machine vision, detection of each industry's top exhibitors as your end user, there are electronic, digital imaging, semiconductor and other fields of professional audience, the 5 exhibition held is covering the electronic components, electronic production equipment semiconductor, and so on, really do provide reach 100 thousand industry buyers, the Light Industry Expo as a banquet.


Setting up an innovative exhibition area to experience the infinite charm of Optical Science and technology

We show in the best location of N1, advanced production line from raw materials to the optical lens brilliant scene demonstration, exhibit optical production process, the domestic and foreign advanced technology, here, you can find the optimal solution for your infinite charm, and to explore the optical processing.


After knowing the products and technology of the leading enterprises above, of course, the information of the technical workshop of the industry is of course. 2016, the international forum of modern optical manufacturing engineering and Science (Shanghai) is characterized by "forward-looking, core, breakthrough and development". It aims to become an international high-end academic celebration with the common concern of production, learning, research, and all walks of life. In 2017, sponsored by the Chinese Optical Society of optical manufacturing technology Specialized Committee, Munich Expo Group, SPIE International Society for optical engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai ultra precision optical manufacturing engineering technology research center, Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. hosted the 2017 "modern optical manufacturing engineering and Science (Shanghai) International Forum in which to like a raging fire. Wonderful report, industry information, market trend, practical application, in the optical manufacturing forum, please look forward to!