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The development trend of China's sheet metal and stamping in

In ten years, with China to become the world's manufacturing center and the consumer is concerned; Chinese sheet metal stamping industry, as one of the basic manufacturing industry has made unprecedented development, the quality of sheet metal stamping parts, the increasing demand, the sales price is down gradually, this is the law of the development of manufacturing industry, but also human the final purpose of development of manufacturing industry.
How to find its own position in the developing manufacturing industry? This is a permanent problem facing the manufacturing enterprises and all employees in the country. It is eternal because the new problems will continue to be raised along with the solution to the old problems in manufacturing industry, which is the return to the development of manufacturing industry. So, each of us a sheet metal stamping, industry practitioners should be dynamic view themselves and their enterprises in the industry location, to be able to see the direction of development of the industry, for themselves and the future of the enterprise timely positioning, to make their own enterprises and become the evergreen tree industry!
A brief introduction to the current situation of China's sheet metal and stamping industry:
2001-2008, Chinese, stamping sheet metal (the thickness of the thin plate / 3mm bands below) industry annual output value by 150 billion yuan in 2001 soared to 900 billion yuan in 2008, up to 3 million 800 thousand employees, annual consumption of nearly 1 tons of steel sheet / strip, the purchase of new equipment costs about 30000000000 yuan, the purchase of new stamping costs about 40000000000 yuan.
Sheet metal, stamping production manufacturing involves all aspects of the industry, it is a wide, shape and technology vary, but generally speaking, relatively backward production technology and equipment, mainly with manual operation, unstable product quality, low production efficiency, it is difficult to achieve mass production, delivery on time.
In the future, the development of sheet metal and stamping industry must conform to the concept of design, production and consumption of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and material saving. Production must be developed to a precise and efficient way. Enterprises must develop professionally, scale and globalisation.
The development forecast of China's sheet metal and stamping industry:
According to the development trend of China's sheet metal and stamping industry and the economic situation at home and abroad, it is expected that the output value of 2010 will be over 20%. In the period of "12th Five-Year", the average annual growth rate of the output value of the stamping and sheet metal industry in China will not be less than 10%.
Comparison of current situation of sheet metal and stamping enterprises at home and abroad - Comparison between Chinese and American stamping and sheet metal enterprises
The biggest difference between Chinese and American sheet metal and stamping enterprises is the different level of automation and information.
(1) the automatic production of closed loop control is more safe and reliable, and it is easy to maintain the operation of the whole production line. Every enterprise has its tooling and mould maintenance workshop. There are various sensors installed on the die, such as detecting whether the punch passes through the sensor of the slab, and detecting whether the slab reaches the position sensor. The application of these sensors greatly improves the safety and reliability of the whole production line.
(2) high safety awareness. A safety grating is installed on the press. When the workers are close to the press, the pressure opportunity is stopped automatically to ensure the safety of the workers.
(3) the application of the information management system to improve the management level and production efficiency of the company, have their own management information system of MRP II, the supply of raw materials suppliers of materials with bar code, in storage, by scanning the database automatically into all kinds of information, the production of raw materials, along with the process of entry of raw materials the host computer for each processing link automatically processing information into the database, and these information will be attached to the final product.
(4) although the scale of the enterprise is relatively large, the series of products is not very much. There are fixed purchasers, such as Delphi and Ford, which are the common features of their production lot.
Conclusion: the American enterprise model is the direction for the future development of our stamping and sheet metal enterprises.
Chinese and Japanese sheet metal and stamping Enterprises:
Overall, Japanese stamping production specialization, high degree of automation, large production scale, high precision products, humanized management, system, basically have the mold development, design and processing capacity, generally with its Japanese OEMs to set up factories China users. Compared with the Japanese stamping professional enterprises, the enterprise index level of Chinese stamping professional enterprises is still quite different, and it needs to be further improved.
In particular, all kinds of production know-how and process equipment accumulated by Japanese enterprises in production are the perfect combination of modern advanced manufacturing technology and traditional wisdom of human beings, which shocked all the visitors, including many of the old counterparts in Europe and the United States. Therefore, this is what our Chinese enterprises should pay much attention to in the future. We should think more and accumulate more, and become a conscientious person, and gradually improve our own manufacturing technology and process equipment.
Conclusion: the model of sheet metal and stamping enterprise in Japan is more suitable for us to study at the present stage. The existing problems and Countermeasures of China's sheet metal and stamping industry.
The overall situation of China's stamping manufacturing enterprises is small scale, backward manufacturing equipment, low product accuracy, poor quality stability, long supply cycle, backward management means and low information level, so it is difficult to achieve large-scale, batch and personalized production. At present, we still need to improve and improve the following eight aspects:
(1), to improve the existing process equipment, work hard and smart, improve product quality, product quality and delivery requirements to meet the increasing market demands.
(2) under the premise of ability, the advanced manufacturing technology and equipment are used as far as possible.