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The power steel plate of the big line of the river steel is

The large energy steel plates developed by River steel have been certified by the 6 country classification societies of the United States, China, Norway, the United Kingdom, France and Russia. The largest certification is 100mm thick and the maximum line energy is 300kJ/cm. This indicates that the production specifications of the energy steel plate of the big line of the river steel have been fully covered in China, and the technical level has jumped to the advanced international ranks.


River steel passed the 6 China Classification Society certification, and further strengthen the products in the steel industry "only" and "the first" status, to accelerate the large line energy welding with steel hull and offshore oil platform promotion, expand the high-end market coverage of China's far-reaching significance; large ships, offshore oil platform low the cost and efficiency of manufacturing technology development will also play a role in promoting.

The most advanced welding technology used in international advanced shipyards and marine manufacturers is to weld steel plates with large energy, which can reduce welding passes and improve operational efficiency. To build a 100 thousand ton ship, if the use of large line energy welding ship, can be completed 3 months ahead of schedule. At home, only a few shipyards have mastered and used this advanced welding technology. Up to now, the world's only high-end equipment such as polar icebreaker and polar condensate ship with the most advanced international level has achieved over 10 thousand tons of large energy steel plate supply, and the domestic market share has reached 100%.