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2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot in the state of the

In order to implement the "2025" Chinese made the overall deployment, in accordance with the "intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020)" requirements, recently, the Ministry of industry and information issued the "2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project publicity", the steel industry has 3 projects selected, "TISCO stainless steel cold rolling workshop digitization project was selected.


TISCO stainless steel cold rolling workshop intelligent project ", is based on the decision-making level, management level and management efficiency to enhance the stainless steel cold rolling workshop, improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production costs, reduce energy consumption, safety production, green production, improve the customer satisfaction as the goal, the intelligent decision-making, intelligent management the organic combination, intelligent control and intelligent equipment, intelligent building and stainless steel cold rolling workshop.

TISCO stainless steel cold rolling mill to break through the traditional single process mode of production, for the first time the five stand continuous rolling machine, long continuous annealing line, long pickling line and on-line leveling, straightening, cutting edge online online six technology in a highly integrated unit equipment localization rate reached more than 90% across the board, is the integration of and the highest production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, optimal lowest operating costs of modern stainless steel production line in the world. The process of stainless steel cold rolling workshop implements the dynamic process optimization, manufacturing and management information sharing, full transparent, meet the management needs of customization production, the product from R & D, design, production of information loop improvement, promote continuous product innovation. Compared with the traditional technology, the personnel saving 50%, the production efficiency increased by 40%, the production rate was raised by 4%, and the process paper was saved by 75%.

"Intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020 years)" pointed out that in the basic conditions and the urgent needs of the key areas, industry, selection of backbone enterprises, focus on discrete intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing process, collaborative manufacturing and mass customization, carry out the new model of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, the formation of effective experience and model. By 2020, more than 300 pilot demonstration projects for intelligent manufacturing were completed. Since the beginning of 2015, the Ministry of industry and Commerce has announced three batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects. Up to now, 208 projects have been selected. Among them, 6 projects of 5 enterprises in the steel industry are listed as intelligent manufacturing pilot.