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Yongkang hardware enterprise intelligence take technical

Innovation, leading a lot of enterprises in our city with high-end hardware brands to go around the world, city to pull out the city. Innovation and manufacturing equipment is the source of power driven city transformation and upgrading of enterprises, boost the slogan "made in Yongkang" global "".

Technological innovation to enhance competitiveness

18, from the 110 Jin Yongwu industrial cluster enterprise representatives gathered in the Haitian Group Yongkang sales company, is currently in the city around the injection molding machine, widely used in all walks of life of die casting machine and other equipment, in-depth study in machine substitutions with bonus instead of demographic dividend, promote industrial transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing and other themes.

Haitian Group Co. Ltd. President Zhang Jianfeng first "zibaojiamen": "the sea on 1966 to 100 yuan started. In recent 20 years, based on manufacturing industry, from production and marketing of injection molding machines to processing centers, oil motors, servo motors, forklifts and other industries, production and management system has been continuously built for manufacturing enterprises to achieve high profit mode. Today, although the Haitian annual sales will exceed 10 billion yuan, but not satisfied with the world-class "singles champion" title, and to continue to strive to enter the die casting machine, "made in Yongkang" China manufacturing "to the world and work."

Superman science and technology automation injection workshop reporter Lv Gaopan photo

"This is the original intention of the establishment of the Haitian metal (Yongkang) branch." The Haitian Pioneer Metals Corporation General Manager Le Xiaodong took over the incumbent, "we from December 9th last year to April this year, the first line, began to test current sales have broken billion yuan, because our production of die-casting machine and other products can effectively solve the hardware business pain points. Through continuous technological innovation, we have promoted the quality of the product and the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to create the maximum value for our customers. "

Speaking of solving the pain point, Chen Qunli, general manager of Wuyi purchase Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd. felt that he had been involved in the research and production of die casting machine. He had been trying to mold Ningbo's Haitian Group headquarters with a set of non stick pot mold, and the result was also what he expected. As a result, he paid about 6000000 yuan at one breath and bought 4 sea - Sky die-casting machines and auxiliary equipment in order to improve the quality of the products and stabilize the European market.

Practice the inner work well into the high end market

Dare to "eat crab" and general manager of Yongkang City cable letter Tools Co., Li Hongjiang, in April and August were purchased two sets of HDC300SF die casting machine, he praised the "Haitian" product structure, locking accessories adopt international brand products, and the service point of praise: "in the test mode after the customer service staff, timely tracking of communication, we put forward the valve force increasing individual requirements, timely response and adjustment in place. "Machine substitution" can effectively improve the working environment, improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce the cost. We plan to practise our internal strength and go deep into the Southeast Asian market, and then enter other high-end markets.

As well as Li Hongjiang, the general manager of the Zhejiang Superman Polytron Technologies Inc should be in Beijing. Since this year, from injection, spray paint to assembly, "Superman" rearrangement a number of production lines, the initial realization of automation and lean production. 34 new, high injection molding machine with manipulator and transmission track, coupled with intelligent automatic feeding system, injection molding workshop has invested 10 million yuan renovation except the last parts take on an altogether new aspect, finishing the program, the workshop without any manual operation. "Strong Superman" and "changing the core", "Superman" is undergoing a profound reform now. Through automation and intelligence, we can achieve product upgrading and product upgrading, and fully open the new start of the two start. Guo Jing is full of confidence in the future development of Superman science and technology.

As China Beijing said, intelligent equipment with injection molding machine, die casting machine as the representative, in addition to traditional industries, immediate, become able to perform wonders, upgrade the combined transformation of hardware enterprise machine substitutions of a key ring. Haitian Group, Yongkang sales company and other equipment manufacturing industry production and marketing enterprises came into being at the same time. In the development of jumping, it provided strong support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in our city, and became an accelerator of new economic development in our city. According to the company's general manager Cheng Hui introduction, as of now, they have more than 600 permanent Wu Jinyun service industry cluster enterprises, mainly for electric tools, glass industry, kitchen utensils and other industries transfer injection molding machine, die casting machine and other intelligent equipment, power transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.