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Chinese brand has a rapid development period in Africa

  Kariakoo Dar Es Salaam business district, everywhere China brand advertising through mobile phone. The picture shows a Chinese brand mobile phone user walking on the street.
  Li Zhiwei, a journalist from the people's daily
  Of the top 100 "Africa's most popular brands" from 2016 to 2017, 5 of them were Chinese brands. In the African market, Chinese brands are gaining more popularity and reputation. With the further development of China Africa cooperation, more and more Chinese enterprises regard Africa with great potential as the blue sea of international expansion. The combination of rich and diverse Chinese products and the characteristics of the diversification of the African market makes Chinese brands have a period of rapid growth in Africa.
  "Everyone is fascinated by the Chinese brand."
  Carriacou is one of the busiest commercial district of Tanzania, capital of Dar Es Salaam, crowds of pedestrians, in a continuous line, every kind of the row upon row of shops. This is the largest wholesale and retail center in Tanzania. Looking ahead, the most prominent street advertising logo is through mobile phone (Tecno), blue and white logo appears in huge billboards, roof, door and steps.
 According to the data research firm IDC report, the first half of this year in Africa through mobile phone sales of over 50 million, including 11 million smart mobile phone, more than Samsung, becoming the largest smart mobile phone brand sales in africa. Last year, through mobile phone in Africa market share up to 38%, ranked first.
  "This is the latest version of the sound is Dar Es Salaam's most sought after mobile phone, mobile phone." A mobile phone agent through kariakoo store filled with selected mobile phone customers, the clerk Jessica told reporters her new mobile phone. She told reporters that the price of the phone is 800 thousand Tanzania shilling (about 2400 yuan), which is much cheaper than the other Apple brand, Samsung and other brand phones. The reporters see that the mobile phones on the counter have both functional and high-end smartphones, and there are dozens of them, and the cheapest one is 25 thousand shillings. "Africans like Chinese brand phones, because they satisfy all the needs of African consumers, that is, they are cheap, good camera function and large screen." Jessica said.
 Dar Es Salaam fashion young Hassan to reporters at the hands of the sound of mobile phone. This is a smart mobile phone has a large screen, Hassan is to buy second units through the mobile phone. He spent 270 thousand shillings, equivalent to a month's salary for ordinary citizens, and bought the cell phone. He took reporters came to Carriacou a named "China mall" building. Different from the shops on the street outside, this is a handset experience shop that is well decorated. "There is no Chinese in this building, but it is called the Chinese merchant city. China is now the largest mobile phone producer in the world, and people trust Chinese products and brands, so they prefer to come here. Hassan said.
  "In Africa, the use of large screen smartphones is a symbol of identity and status, a dream for many people, but high prices are prohibitive." Hassan said, the price and design of mobile phone sound to cater to the needs of users in Africa, that is to have an own cool mobile phone, mobile phone camera is particularly powerful. Hassan showed the reporter a photo of a self timer in his cell phone. It is understood that the mobile phone sound specially developed for African consumer camera software, through the eyes and teeth to identify the location, on the basis of strengthening the exposure, automatic facial imaging, the effect is very good, which is welcomed by the African consumers. "If you don't use the mobile phone sound fell behind. Everyone is fascinated by the Chinese brand. " Hassan said.
  The British "Financial Times" quoted analyst Simon Beck IDC said the view through mobile phone in Africa's success lies in its product key models and competitors can be comparable, but the price more competitive. At the same time, through the development of mobile phone agents, acoustic established extensive distribution and marketing channel. It can be said that the sound of mobile phone specifically for African consumers demand to develop a series of functions, such as mobile phone card slot more and better music quality, stronger camera, captured the hearts of consumers in africa.
  "Promoting economic development in Africa"
  From Africa brand network selected 2016 - 2017 "Africa's most popular brand" top 100 in 5 is China brands are HUAWEI, four of the era and the acoustic company's Tecno, itel and infinix. Tecno is fourteenth, over Pepsi and Microsoft; itel is ranked twenty-fifth, over HP and Google. There are 24 brands in the United States. Though compared with the US brand, the popularity of Chinese brands is still slightly worse in Africa, but it has been able to enter the second camp with the brands of Japan, Germany and other countries. The popularity of Chinese brands in Africa is getting higher and higher, and the booming telecommunications, mobile, digital television and other fields in Africa are the place of Chinese enterprises.
  "More than 10 years ago, mobile phones were luxury in Africa." Chinese ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian told reporters that in 2004 he went to the ambassador to Liberia local people, although the NOKIA mobile phone brand in Europe, but by China manufacturing, and then introduces achievements and ideas of reform and opening up China. "Now, tens of thousands of consumers in Africa are using HUAWEI phones. I am very proud and proud of the influence made by HUAWEI and other Chinese brands in Africa." Lin Songtian said that the success of HUAWEI and other Chinese brands in Africa first lies in technical customs, reliable performance, and cheap prices. Second, through mobile phone brands such as consumer demand for Africa to develop specialized functions, popular, so that these brands do better in africa.
  Industry insiders told reporters that Chinese brands are promoting economic development in Africa. Take the communication industry as an example, after the Chinese enterprises enter Africa, it has greatly promoted the development of the telecommunications industry in Africa. In the past, European and American companies built a base station in Africa, which would charge a very high cost, but when HUAWEI entered Africa, it greatly reduced the cost of base station construction. African operators reduce the cost, save the cost of the base station can build more, so that the population with access to the Internet more. At present, HUAWEI and other Chinese companies have helped Africa to realize the universal coverage of communication networks, and more people in the rural, urban and rural areas have used communication networks. On the other hand, increasing the level of communication infrastructure, attracting more foreign investment into Africa, is of great significance to the economic development of Africa.
  The four reached more than 10 million registered users in Africa. Four, general manager of the South Africa branch, "Yan dome", told reporters that the four era is recognized by African users, because its development concept is compatible with the needs of African market. "In the past, the basic services of television in Africa were poor, and the people had to choose to watch one or two free channels, or to pay high fees to watch digital TV." He said that in the past, South Africa's DSTV and France's Canal+ two companies occupy a monopoly position in the English speaking and French speaking African countries, the user to install the access fee of up to $200, the monthly fee to dozens of dollars. Now, four of the era into the more than 30 African countries, reducing the digital TV access threshold, in Nigeria, Kenya and other countries, users need only $more than 10 you can access the digital TV, just $3 a month to watch dozens of channels, covering news, movies, TV shows, sports, music, etc.. "Not only did the African people watch TV much, but they saw it well."
  "Chinese brands are becoming more powerful."
  Hashim Elbady, senior manager of Sultan Telecom, told reporters that in the past, Chinese brands were considered cheap but quality products. In recent years, Chinese brands have entered Africa in a large scale, and their old beliefs have been changed by actual performance. "Chinese brands are becoming stronger in Africa". He believes that today's Chinese brand products are of excellent quality, while they also focus on some characteristics of African consumers, and have targeted the products that African consumers like. In addition, Chinese brands are constantly innovating and bringing the latest technological ideas to Africa. From this point of view, Chinese companies are more open in Africa than European and American enterprises.
  Rabindra Shakiya is the vice president of a communications business in Gabon. He told reporters that Chinese enterprises have the latest technology and show strong strength, which is the fundamental reason why Chinese brands are becoming more and more powerful. With fierce competition in the African market, the quality and service quality of Chinese brands are very good. Chinese enterprises are also willing to actively explore the African market, "they brought a lot of changes to Africa".
  Tim Harris, director of trade and investment in Western Cape Province, told reporters that Hisense has become the number one brand in the field of household appliances in South Africa, and is widely known in South Africa. This is due to its excellent quality and the transfer of the production line to the localization strategy of Africa.
  Analysts believe that with the progress of technology and strength, the development of Chinese brands in Africa has entered a rapid rise. The image of "made in China" is changing to become a more and more reliable product for African consumers.