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Haibao release the comprehensive upgrade plate cutting softw

Hypertherm hoipo company, an American manufacturer of industrial cutting system and software, very pleased to announce the new upgraded version of the popular metal cutting software --Design2Fab 6, the software can be used for air conditioning (HVAC) pipeline, machinery, kitchen, industrial and other special joint cutting roof.
  The new version of the software is the most comprehensive update of Design2Fab software since the 2004 market. It has a new interface and a powerful tool to make 3D geometric perspective, like an advanced modeling engine. Better image effect, smoother operation and real-time updating are just part of its advantages in the presence of the end user. Other improvements include: simpler entries, unlimited area, drag and drop functions, easier to arrange, and integrated with ProNest software.
  "Compared with the previous version, we invest more resources to design and implement the upgrading of Design2Fab, which is powerful and simple to use," Product Manager Steve Bertken said. "Design2Fab 6's main screen is clean and simple, replacing the original multiple buttons and multiple screens. Design2Fab 6 greatly improves the efficiency of work in a simple and modern way. "
  Based on the design concept of the time needed to dramatically shorten the development and layout of plane graphics, Design2Fab is famous for its excellent versatile features. Design2Fab can support HPGL and DXF output formats. Printing HPGL files through a drafting machine can be used for manual cutting, and the CNC NC cutting machine can directly use DXF files to produce accessories. Besides, before using NC cutting, users can import DXF files into ProNest, ProNest LT or ProNest LTS nesting software to maximize material utilization.
  Software subscribers can upgrade Design2Fab software to a new version free of charge and will continue to get technology and other related support. For more information, please visit
  About Haibao
  Haibao designs and manufactures industry leading industrial cutting products and is widely used in shipbuilding, manufacturing, automobile repair and other industries. The Haibao products include cutting system, CNC numerical control, high control controller, CAM package software, robot programming software and vulnerable parts. The Haibao system is highly trusted with its excellent performance and reliability, helping to increase production efficiency and profit by a number of one hundred thousand enterprises. Haibao is headquartered in New Hampshire. Since the invention of water jet plasma cutting technology in 1968, the company has enjoyed nearly 50 years' reputation in cutting technology innovation. As a company owned by 100% employees, Haibao has been selected as one of the best workplaces, and now has more than 1400 employees. At the same time, sales and service branches and partners are spread all over the world.