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Kobe steel hurt the global supply chain management malpracti

Japan Kobe steel product data tampering and shoddy scandal continues. Because the products suspected of data fraud are manufacturing basic materials and metal materials, the scandal not only ruined the credibility of the enterprises themselves, but also caused great confusion to the global supply chain, and exposed the common failing of Japanese business management.
  Problem products spread widely
  Kobe Steel said in a statement 8, over the past year, the company business department of aluminum and copper products factory data tampering, part of substandard products as qualified products for sale. The suspected counterfeit products include about 19 thousand and 300 tons of aluminum, about 2200 tons of copper, copper casting and about 19 thousand and 400 forged pieces.
  These unqualified products have been supplied to some 200 enterprises, such as automobile, railway, aerospace and military industry, which have caused great disturbance. With the companies involved in the investigation, the problem of aluminum and copper products is becoming clearer.
  Most of the eight major Japanese cars in Japan. Toyota Corporation confirmed on 8 days that the problem of aluminum products was used for the hood of a part of the car and the door of the trunk. Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, MITSUBISHI subsequently announced the results of the survey, said their car using Kobelco products. SUZUKI says 10 days, part of the use of the Kobelco motorcycle aluminum products.
  East China Sea passenger Rail Corp, West Japan passenger Rail Corp and Kyushu passenger Rail Corp and other railway passenger companies also confirm that their Shinkansen trains use some problem products. MITSUBISHI heavy industries is developing Japan's first domestic aircraft MRJ, Japan's main rocket H2A, Kawasaki heavy aircraft fuselage, IHI aero engine and so the use of the product. The Japanese Ministry of economy said 10 days, Kobelco aluminum products have also been used for national defense industry.
  Japan is known for its good quality of material industry, many overseas companies also Kobelco customers. Investigation shows, general motors, Citroen, Peugeot, Tesla Daimler, Boeing and Airbus and Ge purchased Kobelco products.
  With the deepening of the investigation, there are new problems and products exposed, including the widely used iron and steel products, automotive engines and other special steel and so on. By the end of 13, there were 13 products that had been determined to tamper with the data, and the affected enterprises had risen from about 200 to about 500.
  The scandal caused a big shock
  In recent years, Japanese companies have been exposed to a number of scandals. There are far OLYMPUS takada balloon financial fraud, the company caused a massive recall, Toshiba nearly as false profits, the construction industry leading enterprises in Yokohama city which Asahi tampering with the data of an apartment building tilt.
  And before the scandal, the Kobelco scandal spread to a wider range, caused a greater shock. This is because the problem is Kobelco products manufacturing base material, directly affect the global supply chain, involving a large number of upstream enterprises.
  The Japanese economic circles and the government was shocked by the Kobelco scandal. Hara Jo, President of the Japan Economic Group Federation, said it was a very unusual event that would inevitably affect the credibility of Japanese companies. Japan Chamber of Commerce President Mimura Akio also expressed "great regret". The Ministry of economy has instructed the Kobelco to find out the reason and confirm the final product safety and to take measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again.
  Kobe steel had been misdeeds. In 2006 the two subordinate iron works was traced to tampering with the data, the factory emissions exceed the standard gas disguised as standard. In June 2016, the Kobelco company subordinate stainless steel wire was traced to the long-term test data to reduce the number of defective tampering. The problem of tampering with the data once again exposed to Kobelco's reputation. Kobelco chairman and President Kawasaki Hiroshi also acknowledged that the company reputation has been reduced to zero.
 After the scandal, the Tokyo stock market of Kobelco stock plummeted over the past few days. By the end of 13, its share price has fallen more than 40% at its highest level since the beginning of the year. Kobelco will face the customer's claim, in the United States and in civil litigation, face high punitive damages, the management may even be held criminally responsible.
 Exposing the malpractice of enterprise management
  Every time after the Kobelco scandal was traced to the promised rectification, but repeated again. The reason, experts believe that the fake Kobelco not only has its own reasons, also exposed the problems of the management of Japanese enterprises.
  Jin Jianmin, chairman and researcher of Fujitsu Research Institute of economics, said that the low operating condition made the company face the pressure of reducing the capital and increasing efficiency. Under the absence of supervision, the pressure is easy to be released by fraud. At the same time, Kobelco has many incidents of fraud scandal, but not subject to sanctions.
 Professor Zhu Yan and Department of Takushoku University said that even if the standard of corporate fraud, a little lower, does not affect the use and safety, luck to betray customers.
  Zhu Yan also pointed out that, in the face of the price requirements of the upstream enterprises, and want to retain the profit space, some downstream enterprises take opportunistic methods. The upstream enterprise does not keep track of the quality of the product, and it may be reviewed for several years.
  Japan's big enterprises have been exposed to a series of scandals, exposing the lack of supervision and balance in the management of Japanese enterprises. Kim said that the governance of Japanese enterprises is not based on the system, but is characterized by the trust of "people" and the lack of supervision and balance in the management mechanism.