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After robots capture the job market: human beings can do the

According to the daily mail of November 14th, researchers estimate that by 2025, the market value of robot consumption will reach 33 billion yuan (about 218 billion 900 million yuan). This means that in the near future, robots will take over most of the human work. At that time, the human work market will face great challenges. But the old one, the machine trainer
  At that time, there will be a group of companies that focus on robot software and application development, and the functions of these software and applications will go far beyond the standard factory level. In these factories, robot trainers are needed to train the additional functions of the robot. Such as the function, language function, or cooking function of singing and dancing. This is not the case. The soft silver social robot has been able to sing, and can do various kinds of dance movements to entertain its owner. In addition to the above functions, robot training will also create new job market for human beings, that is, develop software and hardware suitable for these robots to achieve more complex performance and level.
  Two. A robotic orthopedic surgeon
 People are now making themselves beautiful by sports, makeup, or plastic surgery, and robots are no exception. In order to achieve robot personalization, there are likely to be some companies that allow people to update their robots by equipping stronger limbs or faster processors. With the growing link between human and social robots, the need for a company that provides customized choices for robots will increase.
 Three. A robot nurse
  Like our human beings, robots also need regular "health checks" and regular checks to ensure that their daily activities are carried out smoothly. Now there are robotics technicians and a lot of pay. So far, the focus of robot maintenance has been on the industry. But at the time of the social Robot Revolution, the robot 's "nurse" will emerge to serve the mainstream market.
  Four. Robot travel agency
  In the future, people are likely to take a robot when they travel. Just as children can't leave dolls, humans and robots will have the same close connection. In the future, robots may also need to travel and travel, which will lead to the development of robot transport and robot travel agencies.
 Five. The organizers and judges of the robot exhibition
 Research shows that humans will have intimate relationships with pets and even cars, and in some cases, pets or cars will be publicly displayed as symbols of host status and logo. Similarly, the researchers believe that, in the near future, many proud robot "owner" may be of interest to others to get their customized robot, design of the robot's approval, which will give rise to new enterprise organization activities of the robot exhibition.