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2020 Shanghai International sheet metal, sheet metal and stamping products trade conference
Time: December 3, 2020 location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center
The organizer invites end-users of sheet metal and stamping products from all over the world to release the procurement plan at the conference. The organizer can negotiate with several suppliers face to face at the conference, and can apply to the organizer for free independent reception area (2 * 2m) for the purchaser to post the company's procurement plan. The conference plans to use 500 square meters as an independent reception area, and accept the application of purchasers at the same time.
Participating purchasers: automobile manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household air conditioning, central air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, restaurant display cabinet, DVD player, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, oven, water heater, electric cooker, metal container; power distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, safe, operation console, computer case, various sheet metal case cabinets; metal packaging, metal can making, food baking Equipment, bean products processing equipment; complete kitchen, range hood, cooker, steamer, beverage machinery, pharmaceutical machinery; supermarket storage cabinet, vending machine; rail vehicles, motorcycles, buses, agricultural vehicles, oil tanks, water tanks, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, three wheeled motorcycle, three wheeled electric vehicles; rolling shutter doors, garage doors, anti-theft doors; boilers, industrial washing machines, wind Machine, ventilation equipment, pressure vessel; tin cabinet, stainless steel utensils, solar energy, hardware, electromechanical and other precision sheet metal stamping parts, sheet metal processing users, etc.
2020 joint promotion meeting of cutting and welding high and new technology equipment for sheet metal and tube
2020 sheet metal processing automation, intelligent technology seminar
2020 Shanghai International Automobile forming technology seminar
The conference is expected to invite 6 enterprises with advanced technology and equipment in the industry to release and promote at the conference, discuss new technology and equipment and new ideas for the development of automobile sheet metal in the future, and focus on promotion in various forms during the exhibition. The details of the promotion meeting, the list of enterprises and the number of events are printed on the back of the tickets and delivered to the enterprises through 200000 tickets. The details of the seminar, the promotion meeting and the printed tour guide will be provided by the audience. The details of the promotion meeting are printed on the visit guide board. The exhibition site shall inform the audience and exhibitors in the exhibition hall through radio. (please call for details)
Time: December 3-04, 2020 Venue: Conference Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center
Scale: About 150-200 people registration deadline: July 26, 2020