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1£¬Metal sheet metal processing machine tools, metal forming machine tools, metal cutting machine tools, special processing machine tools, etc.£»
2£¬Mechanical Press: Servo Press, High Speed Precision Automatic Press, Open Press, Closed Press, Multi-station Press, Cold Forging Press, Hot Forging Press, Screw Press, Hydraulic Drawing Press, Forging Hammer, Extruder, etc.£»
3£¬Metal sheet processing machinery: laser cutting machine, plasma cutting, wire cutting, flame cutting, high pressure water jet cutting; CNC punch, CNC turret punch, punch safety protection device (safety grating, safety light curtain, light curtain sensor, etc.), bender/shear machine, joint punching shear machine, pipe bender, winding machine, slotting machine, etc.£»
4£¬Special Forming Machinery: Tube Forming Machine, Laser Tube Cutting Machine, Wire Forming Machine, Rolling Machine, Spring Machine, Screw Machine, Rivet, Pressure Riveting Fastener and Equipment, Incremental Forming Machine (Dieless NC Forming Machine), Wire Drawing Machine, Powder Metallurgy, Electromagnetic Forming Machine, Internal High Pressure Forming Machine, Roller Press, Blanking Equipment such as Sawing Machine (Circular Saw, Band Saw Machine), Boring and Stripping Machine Hole equipment, cutting tools, bar shears, 3D printing, etc.£»
5£¬Automation and Intelligent Devices: Automatic Unwinding, Leveling, Straightening, Feeding, Transfer, Feeding, Dropping, Loading and Loading, Handling and Stamping, Stamping Robot, Help Robot, Industrial Robot and Automation Production Line, etc.£»
6£¬Tools & amp; Dies: Forging Dies, Stamping Dies, Automobile Forming Dies, Sheet Metal Dies, Tools and Other Forming Dies£»
7£¬Metal Surface Treatment: Cleaning Equipment, Laser Cleaning Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Spraying Machine, Oiling, Deburring Machine, Sander, Anti-rust and Corrosion Material and Related Equipment, Spraying Equipment, Demoulding Agent, Metal Processing Fluid, Dispensing Machine and Sealing Equipment, Graphite Lubricant and Sheet Metal Detection Equipment, etc.£»
8£¬Sheet metal, pipe processing, sheet metal welding and cutting equipment: laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser welding machine, high frequency welding machine, electron beam welding machine, spot welding machine, arc welding machine, gas welding machine, automatic welding and cutting robot and welding matching products, etc.£»
9£¬Sheet metal and stamping materials: cold rolled sheet coil, galvanized sheet, magnesium alloy, tinplate, spring steel, copper and copper alloy, stainless steel, etc.£»
10£¬Sheet Metal and Stamping Products: Stamping Parts, Sheet Metal Parts, Drawing Parts, Bending Parts, Structural Parts, Cabinet, Covering Parts and Sealing Products of Sheet Metal Parts, etc.£»
11,Sealing Products and Intelligent Locks and Matching Products for Dispensers, Cabinets and Cabinets£»
12£¬Sheet Metal, Stamping Media and Design Units¡£