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Time: 03-05 December 2020
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai)
Sponsor unit£º
China Machinery Industry Federation              Forging Branch of Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering
China Machinery Purchasing Federation         China Sheet Metal Industry Society
China Laser Industry Association                     Shanghai Forging Association 
Shanghai Automation Society
Supporting unit£º
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China             Ministry of Industry and Credit
Forging Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society                                China Automobile Industry Association
Chengdu Sheet Metal Industry Association                                                       China Parts Industry Association
Asian Robotics Association£šAAR£©                                                                 China Mold Industry Association
China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch                                  Taiwan Forging Association 
Shanghai Automobile Industry Association                                                       China Welding Industry Association 
International Robotics Association£šIAR£©                                                       China Hardware Industry Association
Undertaking unit£º
Guangye Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
¡öExhibition reviewExhibition Review:
    The annual China International Sheet Metal, Stamping and Metal Forming Exhibition was held in Shanghai in June. A total of 346 enterprises from 23 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. A total of 25129 people visited and purchased from 56 countries and regions, including 1621 overseas audiences. 89% of the exhibitors expressed their satisfaction. At this exhibition, they met many potential users, learned about some advanced products and technologies in the same industry, and had extensive exchanges and discussions with their peers. Participation in this exhibition and conference achieved the desired results. Mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency, Central People's Broadcasting Station, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily and Workers'Daily reported on the grand occasion of the exhibition.
We are dedicated to metal sheet metal processing industry, promote exchanges and cooperation between sheet metal, stamping enterprises and users, and provide one of the important exhibitions for sheet metal stamping parts and equipment manufacturers, which integrates image display, brand promotion and marketing. 
¡ö Wide range of buyers invitation£º
     The organizers, together with 16 overseas agencies and consulates of some countries, will invite foreign users to receive nine overseas exhibitions and audience procurement groups from Germany, Italy, India, Australia, the United States, East Asia, the Middle East and ASEAN. Visitors will radiate more than 80 countries and regions. Around the metal sheet and deep processing chain, many sheet and strip materials and sheet metal parts, stamping parts and forming equipment enterprises are displayed on the same stage. More choices are displayed at present, which facilitates more overseas purchasing groups and user units to participate in the negotiations directly.
¡ö Concurrent events£º
Shanghai International Metal Sheet Metal, Sheet Metal and Stamping Products Trade Conference, 2020
Time: 03 December 2020    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
     The organizer invites end-users of sheet metal and stamping products from all over the world to announce the purchase plan at the conference. They can negotiate with many suppliers face to face at the conference. They can apply for an independent reception area (2*2m) free of charge to the organizer for the purchaser to post the company's purchase plan. The conference plans to use 500 square meters as an independent reception area. The exhibition also receives the registration from the purchaser.
Participating purchasers: automobile manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household air conditioning, central air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, cold cabinet, restaurant display cabinet, video disc machine, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, oven, water heater, rice cooker, metal container; distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, safe, control desk, computer cabinet, all kinds of sheet metal cabinet cabinets; metal packaging, metal cans, food baking Equipment, bean products processing equipment; kitchen, lampblack machine, cooker, steaming box, beverage machinery, pharmaceutical machinery; supermarket cabinet, vending machine; rail vehicles, motorcycles, buses, agricultural vehicles, fuel tanks, water tanks, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, three-wheeled motorcycles, electric tricycles; curtain doors, garage doors, anti-theft doors; boilers, industrial washing machines, wind turbines Machines, ventilation equipment, pressure vessels; iron cabinets, stainless steel utensils, solar energy, hardware electromechanical and other precision sheet metal stamping parts, metal plate processing users, etc.
Joint Promotion Meeting of Metal Sheet and Tube Cutting and Welding High-tech Equipment in 2020
    Seminar on Automation and Intelligence Technology of Sheet Metal Processing
2020 Shanghai International Symposium on Automotive Forming Technology
     The conference is expected to invite six enterprises with advanced technology and equipment to issue and promote at the conference, to explore new technologies and equipment and new ideas for the future development of automobile sheet metal, and to focus on promoting them in various forms during the exhibition. The details of the promotion meeting and the list of enterprises and the level of the venue are printed on the back of the tickets and delivered to the enterprises through 200,000 tickets. Details of the seminar, the promotion meeting and the printed tour guide will be handed out to the audience. Details of the promotional meeting are printed on the tour guide board. The audience and exhibitors in the exhibition hall are notified by radio at the exhibition site. (Please call for details)
Time: 03-04 December 2020         Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Scale: 150-200 people                   Registration deadline: 26 April 2020